Donna-Lee And “Kathy” Smith Have Had Multiple Confrontations And Fought In The Past Says Mother

Nationwide News posted an interview with Donna-Lee Donaldson’s mother, Sophia Lug, and Cliff Hughes on their Official Youtube account. During the interview, Lug recounted her statement surrounding the disappearance of her daughter on July 12, 2022.

Lug told Hughes that before Donaldson left home she was sleeping beside her but received a phone call from Noel Maitland, Police Constable, and Music Producer, telling her to come over. Lug was weary and did not want her daughter to leave but Donaldson left with Maitland when he came to pick her up.


Sophia Lug later stated that Donaldson was afraid of Maitland and she always warned her daughter about Maitland despite their relationship having already passed the 3-year mark because Maitland already had a girlfriend by the last name of Smith with whom he has a child. Smith is also a police officer.

Lug stated that throughout the course of Donaldson’s relationship with Maitland, there have been numerous encounters that ended in verbal and physical arguments between her and Smith. The distraught mother recounted an incident where both lovers of the Constable were physical with each other and Donaldson returned home with a wound on her neck from the confrontation.

When asked about the scar she was trying to hide, Lug said that her Donaldson divulged that Smith barged into Maitland’s apartment while they were there together and even though Maitland tried to keep Smith away from Lee (a nickname Maitland addressed Donaldson by), Smith’s fingernails were so long she was able to scratch her over his shoulder.

Reportedly, Smith called in sick to work on Tuesday and Wednesday and when Lug went to report Donaldson missing Wednesday, July 13 at around 6 PM at the Half Way Tree police station, Maitland showed up driving a silver car belonging to Smith with her present in the car. Smith was Allegedly heard saying that her “reputation is finished” to which Maitland responded, “ignore her.”

Watch the full interview below;

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