Drake Angrily Slaps Man’s Phone Down at the Bar – Video

Friday, April 9, 2021, 4:52 PM GMT-5

Drake was relaxing at a bar with no intention to be involved in any drama; when Travque a popular TikTok personality tried to put cases of Virginia Black, Bumbu and Tequilla on Drake’s tab, he was asking the bartender if she knew who the rapper was.

It was clear that the Canadian Rapper was annoyed and he slapped the phone that the Comedian had been using to record the altercation, out of his hand.

Drake was in no mood to play around and it is possible that he was angry at Travque for creating a scene at the bar. Travque had no intention to stop talking about his order and how Drake was the owner of Virginia Black.

The video went viral on Social Media, check it out below.

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