Drake Fires Back at Kendrick Lamar with ‘THE HEART PART 6’: LISTEN

Tensions have reached new heights in the rap battle between Drake whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham and Kendrick Lamar, with Drake’s latest release, ‘THE HEART PART 6‘. The track, released on May 5 serves as a direct response to Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us‘, addressing accusations and insinuations made by Lamar against Drake.

At the forefront of Drake’s rebuttal is his denial of Lamar’s suggestion that he is interested in teenage/underage girls, a theme Lamar has purportedly explored in multiple songs while taking aim at Drake in the lyrical clash. Drake who is currently 37 years old unequivocally states, “I never look twice at no teenager,” debunking the notion that he pursues younger women.


The feud, while intense, has proven to be a “good exercise” for Drake, who sees it as an opportunity to set the record straight. He reveals that he manipulated Lamar into inadvertently revealing personal information about Drake, including the existence of an 11-year-old secret daughter.

In ‘THE HEART PART 6‘, Drake alleges that Lamar fell into a trap by using content related to Drake’s father as the cover image for his song ‘Meet the Grahams’, a move Drake describes as a tactical error on Lamar’s part.

Furthermore, Drake admonishes Lamar to fact-check his claims and exhibit more patience, suggesting that Lamar’s haste has led to inaccurate allegations. He also expresses disgust at the accusations levelled against him and emphasizes his disinterest in pursuing relationships with younger individuals.

In a surprising twist, Drake accuses Lamar of artificially inflating views for his diss tracks aimed at Drake, implying that Lamar’s tactics may be less genuine than they appear. Notably, Lamar’s song ‘Not Like Us‘ racked up over one million views in less than 50 minutes.

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Listen to the new release from Drake below:

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