Dude Crashes Van While Singing to “Murda She Wrote” Song – Watch Video

Thirty-one years after its release “Murder She Wrote” by Chaka Demus and Pliers is arguably one of the biggest dancehall songs from out of Jamaica and there is a video now circulating online which reminds us of the song’s far reach across the world and of its relevance three decades later.

The 25 seconds long video clip begins with the man who was also capturing the footage and seemingly driving at the same time, singing to the popular song “Murda She Wrote”. Seconds into the video, the driver tried to go around a roundabout at a high speed which resulted in the vehicle being flipped onto its side.

Watch the bizarre incident below:

Murder She Wrote is the most sampled song come out of Jamaica without a doubt check the stats,” Chaka Demus outlined in a recent interview.

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