Egg and Sperm Donation with Confidence in Quality

Saturday, October 16, 2021, 12:48 PM GMT-5

In case of infertility, biological material donation can be the best option for those who want to conceive and to be happy parents. 

Awareness in the area of donation – it is your safety which ensures the most effective results of infertility treatment.  


Medical Center ADONIS Family provides the transparency of whole processes and quality of the materials (including genetic material which help to overcome infertility problems).

ADONIS Eggs and Sperm donation 

ADONIS clinics are recognized not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world, thanks to the highest quality, experienced staff and long-term cooperation on the market (more than 23 years in the field). 

We are always ready to welcome patients from the whole world – ADONIS cost of Egg and Sperm donation are at the lowest level, Ukrainian legislation is supportive and open to our patients, all-round care is ensured by the careful staff members. 

Donation specificities in Ukraine

Donation in Ukraine can be undergone under the medical indications – male infertility and female infertility (premature ovarian failure, maternal aging, diminished ovarian reserve, poor egg quality) for Sperm and Egg donation correspondingly. 

Also, for single women who want to be a mother for a genetically related child , the Sperm donation is permitted under social indication.

ADONIS own Donor base

The procreation of ADONIS patients is of the highest importance for us. We provide the widest variety of services which facilitate the patient’s job and make them enjoy the process of baby caring. 

ADONIS ‘own Donor base includes the best selected biological material which can be used for infertility treatment in any ADONIS Program. There is no waiting list, you can start the process right now, without delay. 

Biological material passes several steps of approval, examination and clearance to be added into the ADONIS own Donor base. 

Obligatory medical examinations, including HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C tests, additional genetic testing for Egg donors on karyotype, X-fragile chromosome, cystic fibrosis – all possible efforts to ensure your safety. 

Some more aspects about ADONIS own Donor base include:

  • Egg donors are healthy women, both physically and mentally, from 18 till 36 years – with no bad habits and with at least one own healthy born child available.
  • Sperm donors are healthy men, both physically and mentally, from 20 till 40 years – with no bad habits and with at least one own healthy born child available.
  • Egg and Sperm donors have no information about intended parents who used their biological material to conceive.
  • Donations are totally anonymous according to the Ukrainian legislation.
  • ADONIS personal coordinator for each patient always ready to help you find an ideal donor according to requirements and expectations.

Reproduction biologists and embryologists of the ADONIS clinics are the best in the field. We have created a professional team which is always in cooperation with foreign specialists, and always gets the newest information and techniques for the well-being of patients.

Get the advantage from the latest medical assistance in ADONIS with the lowest Egg and Sperm donation cost (based on the price level in the UK or USA). 

Choose Medical center ADONIS Family, choose the health of your future child!

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