Elaine Reminds Everyone That She is Not into People

Elaine Thompson-Herah issued a small reminder to persons who might think she cares about friendly greetings. The disclaimer assured people they should not feel pressured to speak to her because she is usually not in the mood to make small talk.

The message that was shared on social media reads, “If you ever see me and don’t feel like talking… Don’t. I don’t either.”

The fastest woman alive in the 100m appears to be giving fans or acquaintances a heads up about her new self, which does not seem to care about being all buddy-buddy with everyone.

Another message, similar in nature, was shared two weeks ago and served as a reintroduction of the woman Elaine Thompson-Herah is. That message spoke of her transforming from a “people pleaser” to someone who has “burned bridges.”

It appears that Elaine is unconcerned about being liked by everyone, which was apparently not in the cards since she has spoken about the way the public has shown her lack of respect and appreciation. 

Similar to some of her athletic peers, Thompson-Herah has openly shared her thoughts about the treatment of Jamaican athletes by the public.

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