Elderly Man Says He Got His Younger Caregiver Pregnant by “Mistake”

Thursday, December 21, 2023, 1:07 PM GMT-5

Unsure how to proceed as he does not wish to stay with the mother of his child, an elderly man has shared how he got his 28-year-old caregiver pregnant.

According to the elderly gentleman, K.D., he relocated to Jamaica after years of living in the United States following his wife’s death. K.D. said he began engaging in a sexual relationship with his caregiver, and she got pregnant a year ago.

K.D. explained that it was not planned, and he did not know he could have gotten her pregnant as he had erectile issues. “Sometimes when she wants to have sex and I put on the condom, I lose my erection. But if I have sex without using the condom I am alright, although it takes me longer to ejaculate,” K.D. shared with Dear Pastor.

K.D. said he initially denied that the child was his and told people that she was lying but had to stop after she had the baby as the infant boy looks just like him. The young woman moved in with him and was proud to tell people that he was the father of her son. However, K.D. expressed that he was very ashamed at the time, as people in his community looked up to him.

He was also hiding the baby from his older daughters, who were living in America and tried to convince the young woman to stay somewhere else when his children were scheduled to visit him. Despite his fears, K.D. shared that his daughters did not react poorly to the news after arrival at the home, he said he told them that he, “had made a mistake and embarrassed myself”.

Though his daughters have not condemned what happened between him and the young woman, the relationship has not been a blissful one.

Further detailing some of the problems they have been having sexually, the elderly man disclosed that due to his erectile issues, he, at times, has to satisfy her “the unnatural way.” K.D. described the mother of his son as a good person who does everything for him but shared that he does not want her to live with him anymore.

According to K.D., one of his daughters has suggested that he sell the house that he and the woman are currently living in, and both are insisting that he return to America and live with them.

K.D. said his daughters have expressed that they will provide for their infant brother financially but suggested the mother get a job. Unsure of what to do, K.D. has also cited Jamaica’s high crime rate as a cause of concern and a reason to leave the country.

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