Woman Worries Her Boyfriend Will Leave Her If She Does Not Get Pregnant Soon

Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 12:05 PM

Struggling to come to terms with the possibility that she will never be able to birth a child, a woman sought advice from the renowned columnist Dear Pastor.

Her concerns are that she and her partner of two years, now living together, have been trying for a baby for a while without any results and she fears that he will leave her in the event that she does not get pregnant soon. Both parties have consulted doctors to find out if any underlying issues would explain why the woman is unable to conceive but were both told that it was no fault of theirs.


Although her doctor told her she should not worry and her boyfriend reassured her that he would not leave her because of this problem, she confessed to still being worried.

The woman confided in the pastor that she has two sisters who are mothers and wonders if she is being punished by God for something that she did. She also mentioned that her mother is pushing her to adopt if she gets to the age of 30 and still has not birthed a child of her own.

However, she says that her boyfriend only wants a biological child and though she feels a bit foolish, during intimacy, she would hold her boyfriend close after he has ejaculated to increase the possibility of her getting pregnant. She also emphasised that she loves her boyfriend very much and that she just wants to experience the joy of becoming a mother.

The woman wrote that she has exhausted all her options with home herbal remedies that others have told her to use to clean out her system, but that nothing works.

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