Elon Musk asks, “Should I Step Down as Head of Twitter?”

On the evening of Sunday, December 18, making use of his favourite method to hear the opinions of other Twitter members, Elon Musk created another poll, this time asking whether he should continue as the head of Twitter or give the role to someone else.

The final results for the poll that would decide Musk’s steps going forward and the fate of Twitter were recorded as 57% of Twitter users voting Musk out, and 42% voting for the visionary to stay.

Prior to the results being posted, a lengthy debate between Twitter users dominated the SpaceX CEO’s feed, some listing the pros and others the cons that were generated by Musk since he acquired the Company. Although Musk began his purchase of Twitter shares in January of this year, he was granted full ownership and authority over Twitter after his acquisition of Twitter concluded in October.

While some were on his side and mentioned, “You’ve made Twitter one hundred times better in less than two months, don’t stop now,” and “Hey @elonmusk is this actually happening? 😅. You’ve been making twitter awesome and it would be awesome to get it profitable before handing over.”

Going in a completely different direction, some think it would be the best idea for Musk to step down as head of Twitter. Someone mentioned that if he would keep making certain decisions, using the decision to prohibit users from promoting their pages on other platforms, then yes, he should be removed as the shot caller. Another user pointed out, “the idea that someone makes decisions on a company he bought for $44b by running a twitter poll is astonishing.”

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Becoming suspicious of the results and wondering if they were doctored, a particular user of the platform took two separate screenshots of the final results and estimated that within just a few seconds of the poll closing, around 130,000 votes were added to the number of people who did not want Musk to step down. In the grand scheme of things, the number would not be enough to sway the final results in the category of “NO”, thus making little difference.

See the screenshots below:

A separate user shared his opinion that the poll in which Musk stated he would “abide by the results” would have zero bearing on his decision to stay or step down because he feels that no matter what the polls say, “Elon will be CEO for a few months longer until he finds a devoted successor.”

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