Escapee ‘Kaka’ Captured by Police at a St. Andrew GUEST HOUSE

Friday, March 19, 2021, 6:53 PM GMT-5

The infamous Kaka whose real name is Ricardo Richards, disarmed a policeman and managed escape custody after being taken to the hospital a week ago has been finally recaptured. Kaka who is 31 years old and is from Bull Bay was captured today March 19 at a guest house in St. Andrew.

Kaka escaped on March 12 and was on the run, it’s unclear whether or not the police recovered the pistol that was taken by Kaka during the escape.

According to the earlier reports by the police, the inmate was taken to the National Chest Hospital, located in St. Andrew where he was brought to see the doctor for a checkup. “Kaka” told the medical doctor the handcuffs were too tight, and it would be easier for them to conduct the checkup with his hands freed.

It was said that the medical practitioner then gave the police that was present with the prisoner the order to take the handcuffs off which he did whereafter “Kaka”, disarmed the officer, shot him and escaped.

One person commented “Next time he complains of illness, leave him right there in the cell. The sickness will take care of itself and take care of him as well.” while another said “Glad they caught, disappointed they took him in.”.

It is said that this is the second time the inmate has escaped from police custody. Kaka was in police custody and pending trial for charges of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition and shooting with intent.

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