Factory Fire Causes 52 Deaths In Bangladesh

July 10, 2021

A serious fire has taken place in the country of Bangladesh at a food factory, located just outside Dhaka in the area of Rupganj, which has so far claimed the lives of many people with 52 bodies being found.

Even though the entire building is not fully searched, the team of Police working on the matter has sent teams to investigate the inside alongside the Narayanganj administration to see if there are more casualties as a result of the fire.


The fire started on Thursday and it is said that the people who died in the fire were trapped in the factory because the door was locked from inside, so there was no way they could have gotten out.

It was not until the evening of Friday, that the fire was finally extinguished which led to the finding of the many bodies after only 3 persons were originally found.

In response to the very volatile situation, family members of those workers who still are missing have been demonstrating on the outside of the factory.

The Police investigating the fire have also decided that they will be taking legal actions against the responsible person, and as such, the factory owner was arrested even though a direct cause of the incident has not yet been identified.



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