Family Demands Justice For ‘Marlanda Goulbourne’ Who Died At The Victoria Jubilee Hospital

February 27, 2022 12:59 PM

The family of 24-year-old Marlanda Goulbourne wrote to Yardhype asking to shed light on her mysterious and unfortunate death at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston.

Marlanda Goulbourne was pregnant with her first child and was initially attending the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital, however, she was subsequently referred and transferred to the Victoria Jubilee Hospital to give birth due to being diagnosed with Sickle cell disease.


Shamar Campbell, the baby father stated that Marlanda along with her medical records was admitted to the Victoria Jubilee Hospital on Tuesday. Just a few days after on the Friday Marlanda gave birth to their first child, a beautiful baby girl.

The baby father recalled that on the day Marlanda gave birth, he had spoken to her at about 5 p.m. and also later in the night at around 7-8 p.m. He added that in their conversation that night, Marlanda told him that they had induced her and she was given an epidural in her spine. She further mentioned that she was advised by doctors that the baby’s heart was failing, which led them to eventually perform an emergency C-Section because of difficulties to deliver the child naturally.

However, things started to unfold when the hospital called Marlanda’s mom the day after and asked her to come by immediately. Her mother then traveled from Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland to the hospital in Kingston, only to hear that her daughter died of respiratory complications on Friday night at around 10 p.m.

The news of the unfortunate death of Marlanda Goulbourne comes as a shock to the family as the baby father recalled speaking to her just a few hours before she was supposedly pronounced dead by the staff at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital. He further recalled when Marlanda advised him that she was feeling fine, but was just a bit tired, which was quite understandable seeing that she had just birthed their daughter.

Shamar Campbell calls the situation by the Victoria Jubilee Hospital as being “reckless and unfair” as he is now left with these unanswered questions, “Why did the hospital wait a day after Marlanda’s death to make contact? Why is hospital staff saying that they tried to call the mom the night of Marlanda’s death, but there are no missed calls to show such? And why was he not called on the night of her death seeing that his number was an emergency contact?”.



Furthermore, a family informed Yardhype that the family is yet to see the body of Marlanda and was further advised by the hospital that her body was transferred to a funeral home without their consent.

The family of 24-year-old Marlanda Goulbourne is adamant that the Victoria Jubilee Hospital is responsible for her death and is seeking justice in ensuring that they are held accountable for their negligence.

Marlanda Goulbourne

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