Fan Bows To Mavado And Praises Him In Christ-Like Manner

When it comes to the modern stalwarts of Dancehall music, Mavado is no doubt one of them as he has proven his strength and musical prowess time and time again, even though just last year he lost his mother and saw his son get a life sentence.

If he did not realize the power that he is wielding, he certainly did recently when a fan of his expressed their love to him in a manner that made him appear as a Christ-like figure.

The ‘Gully God’, this Tuesday shared the moment in an Instagram post where he showed a video with a female fan, initially bowing before him, seemingly in tears letting the singer know how much she appreciates him. While her heartfelt emotions were pouring out, someone tried to stop her, however, she instantly told the person to leave her alone, then proceeded to tell ‘Vado’ her mind.

What the woman told Mavado, might even be some good blessings for the deejay on his journey as the female fan told him that she wishes for the stars and heaven to open for him. She went on to tell him that she is thanking him for his teaching about the road, which he has bestowed to the world through music.

The next section of the video shows where the singer hugged the fan, after which she told him truthfully to forgive her for her actions but she is grateful to him for what he has done. In the caption of the post ‘Vado’ went on to post, “I am what I am” in acknowledgement of what the woman expressed about him.

The moment certainly shows the power and reach that good music can have once there is a positive message people can learn from. Overall Mavado is well known for uplifting songs over negative ones, stamping his name in the industry and changing lives with tracks such as “Hope and Pray”, ” Overcome”, “Never Give Up”, ” Not Perfect” and many more.


Watch the encounter below.

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