Fans Saying Valiant is Throwing Shade at Popcaan Calling Him “Groupie”; Valiant Says, “Stop Bbc Mix Mix Me Up” – See Posts

With the bad blood between Dancehall artistes Popcaan and Valiant widely known, it is easy to stir up controversy between the two based on the smallest indication that one party might be throwing shade at the other.



This is what happened a short while ago when fans started accusing Valiant of calling Popcaan a groupie. Popcaan is known to run in many international circles and was seen on multiple occasions hanging out with many international rappers when they so happen to visit Jamaica.

Popcaan was recently seen in a video with 21 Savage, who collaborated on a song with Drake (Drake and Popcaan are close friends), at a party. This led some people to wonder if Popcaan is the unofficial designated tour guide for when international rappers visit the island.

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Due to the timing of Popcaan’s hangout and Valiant’s post to Instagram which said, “Groupie🤦🏿‍♂️🎶🎶,” it has been rumoured that he was talking about Popcaan.


A page on Instagram, Questimes, also made a post stating, “Who valiant a call groupie 🤔🤔,” while reposting Valiant’s shared story.

People in the comment section of the post were telling Valiant that it was time to move on from the beef between himself and Popcaan. Bella_kellian said, “Valiant it’s time to move on now…You made it move on and start look towards positivity,” which was followed by 1mutty._ writing, “Vali A Try Keep Relevant🤦🏾😅 Man Fi Act Like Man Dawq😅🤦🏾🤦🏾.”

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However, the post was seen by Valiant who left a scathing reply for everyone who had something bad to say about him. “Bbc now Enu stop bbc mix mix me up me naah medez no man me a focus pon music as me post something enu draw man name pon it,” he stated. He finished his lengthy reply by saying, “stop try carry down me ting bredda all Enu do a try sink the artist them as them rise.”

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