Female In Picture With Koffee Denies Relationship

Sunday, April 4, 2021, 10:01 AM GMT-5

Just recently the Grammy Kid, Koffee was spotted with another female in a picture at Sharkies Seafood restaurant, and ever since then, fans of the artiste as well as news sites have been assuming that the two are a thing.

The female who goes by the name Terri however, has commented on the post of the picture discarding the rumours of a relationship.

According to her a lot of photos were taken that day with Koffee but it seems as if her picture was the only one to go viral and in response to the claims she commented under the picture that “I’m not her woman or nothing like that. I’m just a fan who took a pic zemii.”

People even started to call the two “Koffee and Creamer”, assuming that their relationship was somewhat deep.

Koffee has not declared her sexuality however, based on how she dresses there have been many assumptions as to her preference, except the time she froze the internet with a picture, sporting a Calvin Clein panty and bra.

The sensational “lockdown” artiste has yet to come out and speak about the photo, which means that Terri might just be telling the truth about the relationship with the entertainer.

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