Fire Destroys Brown’s Town Courthouse

Sunday night, sometime after 7:00 pm, the historic courthouse of Brown’s Town, St. Ann, was seen ablaze by passersby who alerted firefighters.

The fire was first seen emerging from the first floor of the two-story building, but, despite the firefighters’ attempts to extinguish the inferno, it engulfed the second floor.

There were four units with several firefighters on the scene attempting to tame the fire. However, they struggled with not having an adequate amount of water to quell the flames as the hydrants in the town were lacking water. 

After destroying the first and second floor, the flames returned to the ground floor to do more damage.

Many residents and onlookers had gathered to watch the raging fire blaze which was releasing many flame particles in the air that were considered dangerous to the buildings nearby.

The courthouse is perched on one of the highest points of Brown’s Town overlooking most of the town and is roughly 100-year-old. The building had several wooden sections that aided the flames. By the time the fire was extinguished around 11:00 pm, there were only the stoned concrete walls remaining.

Subsequently, the reports of the incident were given by the Senior Deputy Superintendent of the St Ann Fire Department, Anthony Hines, to the Nationwide 90Fm news team.

“The call came in at 7:59 pm. The brocade responded with three units, one from the Brown’s Town Station and two from the St. Ann’s Bay fire station,” the Superintendent explained. “In addition, we got some support from the Noranda Bauxite company with one unit.”

Superintendent Hines went on to confirm that there were 4 units on-site with thirty firefighters. He added that “both the building and its contents were destroyed.”

Reportedly, the police who assisted the firefighters managed to enter the building and rescue some large books and two vaults from the ground floor.

Watch the video of the courthouse burning below.

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