Fire Links Calls Foota Hype, “Biggest disgrace to dancehall” and Threatens to Sue

Through constant back-and-forth arguments and damning allegations against each other on social media, the contention between dancehall selector Fire Links and fellow selector, Foota Hype, continues to grow stronger.

Fire Links went live and made comments that discredited Foota Hype’s career, claiming that the controversial selector is most famous for disgrace and mix-ups. He stated that when compared to him, success is evident as people are aware of his music, talent, and contributions.



Heated on the matter, Fire Links labelled Foota as being the, “biggest disgrace to dancehall,” and promised that a lawsuit is underway. According to Links’, comments were made referring to him as being a “coke-head,” without the use of the word allegedly.

As the video continued further, Links asked persons on the live session to compare a photo of the “ras” (Skatta Burrell) that took away “such lady” (Ishawna, Foota’s ex) from his rival and to note the resemblance between both men.

Watch the full video below shared on Mouta Massi’s YouTube page :


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