Foota Hype Claps Back At Fire Links’ Claims, Says He Did Not Hold Down Ishawna

November 21, 2023 1:33 PM

Dancehall selector Foota Hype has hit back against Fire Links rape allegations about him he made in a recent video. Foota Hype refuted Fire Links’ claims, saying that what the selector was implying didn’t make any logical sense and he was merely concocting a story.



Foota Hype addresses the claims by questioning Fire Links’s literacy skills and motive. “Me understand when people a reason fi prove a likkle point but mek we pick sense out a nonsense, cause me hear seh links caa read and write good long time and me never really believe and me never waa believe, allegedly him seh, okay, even if a allegedly him seh, how rape drop in, how you fi bring rape pon me name?” Foota Hype stated.

The straight-talking selector continued his video by asking the general public the question as to why Ishawna would stay with him so long if he did what his fellow selector had claimed. Foota also rubbishes another one of Fire Links’s arguments in which he said Ishawna was initially interested in dancehall entertainer Mavado.

Foota Hype And Fire Links Performing Together

According to Foota Hype, he must have been a world-class ‘gyalis’ to sway Ishawna’s interest in Mavado, who had much more fame and fortune attached to his name at the time. He went as far as to say he should be credited for his efforts instead of being bashed for doing what Fire Links said he did.


Foota also dished out a few jabs towards Fire Links’s corner by making the case that Fire Links’s name has never been linked with a female publicly. “I have never heard Links name a call with a woman ever inna a life, no disrespect to Stainy, but the only person name me hear Links with a Stainy,” Foota declared.

See the video below:



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