Foota Hype against Fully Bad Signing To Downsound Records

Friday, February 12, 2021, 12:05 AM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Fully Bad, appears to be signing to Downsound Records, however, well-known selector Foota Hype is in disagreement with the move and is advising the young entertainer against it.

According to Foota Hype, who appeared on live talking about the situation, Joe is a person who has the money to support any artiste to the extent of bringing them to the top of the game however according to him, the Ceo for Downsound Records has not been doing enough.

Instead, the sound selector says Bogdanovich will finance the artiste’s clothing and vehicle, also paying them every week but will not invest the time to break the artiste internationally.

Foota also mentioned that Skatta Burrell who is the producer at Downsound records knows better, as he has not even produced a song in a while. He expressed that no Record company could pay an artiste what Joe could pay them.

“If you ask me me nuh feel Fully Bad fi sign to Downsound… Do not sign to downsound” says Foota

Hype spoke on the fact that Joe is rich, and fully investing in an artiste is something he is capable of, however, he is not as excited anymore as he used to be one time when the record company would sign an artiste.

On the other hand Fully bad has been posting a lot of content with himself Skatta, and Joe online, see one of his recent posts below.

According to Foota Fully Bad is going to be a giant in the Business regardless and he has the talent to run the place.

Watch Foota’s live chat below.

Also check out Skatta talking about the situation below.

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