Foota Hype Endorses Jahvinci and Mel Granda “I Do” – Watch Video

Jamaican selector Foota Hype has given his resounding support for dancehall artiste Jah Vinci’s collaborative track with Spanish artiste Mel Granda, I Do.

Since his resurgence in dancehall with the track Vergin in 2020, Jah Vinci has released several songs geared towards his female fans.


I Do, with Mel Granda is looking to follow suit, with Jah Vinci delivering his signature vocals on the melodious beat.

“A wonder if you feel the same way that I do, wonder if you gi the same whine to yuh new boo, nuh see nuh other gal weh mek me feel like you do,” Jah Vinci sings in the chorus.

Jah Vinci, Mel Granda and Craba Genius “I Do” cover image

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During a live stream, Footah Hype played the Crawba Genious-produced track for his viewers and praised the single.

 “Mi nah gaz nuh body. Dis bad already, and mi dont even hear half a di song yet. Diss bad [ … ] Aye, Jah Vinci can sing,” Foota Hype stated.

The selector continued playing the track, vibing to the guitar string-infused rhythm.


I Do was released earlier this month and is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and all other major streaming platforms.


Watch the video of Foota Hype below.

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