Foota Hype Introduces Son “Omari” To The World

Sunday, January 31, 2021, 6:42 PM

Jamaican sound system selector and producer, Foota Hype, has taken the time out to officially introduce his son whose name is Omari to the world after it was recently proven that the boy was his child.

In a recent Instagram post, Hype posted an image with him and the young man standing beside each other with the caption “I’m accepting all my blessings from the universe even if it’s late it’s still a blessing officially introducing my son to the world God bless OMARI”.

Foota Hype and son Omari

The controversy behind the child is still in their after, Dancehall artiste, Flexxx from the Gully camp, thought that the child was his for over 13 years.

Foota Hype is not delaying his father role, however, as he already has started to be present in the young boy’s life, even bringing him to a gun range.

The selector also posted a video of him and his son at the gun range, on Instagram and even captioned the footage by stating “like father like son him haffi learn fi buss the gun self defence is a must. #omari”.

Fans of Foota has also been very curious and have been asking questions, however, the selector has had no problems in answering them plainly, also letting his followers know in a comment that his son is a bright boy who is well into books.

Flexxx seems to still be perturbed about the whole situation and stated that the popular sound man gave the female Ghonorroea, which she passed on to him, however, Hype has not spoken in regards to that.

Check out father and duo below at the gun range.


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