Footage of Man Slapping Woman Viciously in Her Face and Telling Her to “Leave… Go” But She Begs to Stay – Watch Video

Thursday, September 28, 2023, 1:37 PM GMT-5

A video showing a man repeatedly slapping a woman in the face has been making its way around the internet. The man, identified as Raymond Nduga, was captured assaulting his girlfriend, Dorris Tado, at Tsavo Skywalk apartments along Ngong Road.


The vicious assault kept going as the female made no attempts to retaliate, nor did she make any attempt to leave.

In fact, in the footage, Nduga was heard demanding his girlfriend to leave, but she begged him to allow her to stay despite the fact that each time he made the demand, he struck her in the face. There was also another man present, who, instead of intervening, remained silently seated.

Watch the video of Nduga and Tado below:


While the video has attracted backlash, there are some viewers who showed no pity, given that Nduga has a history of abusing Tado.

Nduga, a businessman and lawyer, took to social media last December to brag about beating his girlfriend and locking her out of the hotel room. Toda was reportedly found unconscious on the corridor floor and had to spend the night with security.

Watch the video of Toda being found on the hotel corridor floor below:


Nduga also bragged about her wanting him back.


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