Jamaicans React to Mother Slapping Daughter in Face at School for Not Staying in Class – Watch Video

This video has been making rounds on social media, it shows the moment a Jamaican woman, said to be the mother of the schoolgirl in the video decided to discipline her daughter by slapping her in the face as others looked on.

In the video, the mother angrily questioned her daughter, “yuh nah stay inna yuh class” after slapping the young girl across her face.



While it’s unclear when the incident took place, Jamaicans online have a lot to say with regards to what took place, while some are for the disciplinary actions others are totally against the actions of the mother.

Multiple viewers also pointed out that the incident took place at Ocho Rios High School. “Regular me see that a Ochi high n me nah ask Christ if ano Ochi high,” outlined one individual.

Someone who is clearly against the actions of the mother wrote, “Imagine how traumatized that young lady will be knowing that this level of embarrassment happen to her in front of friends and school mates,”

On the other hand, one of the many people who support the mother’s actions said, “🧐 A Mother Free To Discipline Her Child Once She Don’t Damage Her Physically. My Mom Was Strict When I Was Growing Up And That Made Me A Woman Of Self Control And Self Discipline Today Cause Me Did Not Grow “Loose” And Let Go Anyhow Like Stray Kid.”

Watch the footage below:


View more reactions and comments below:


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