Footage Shows Plane Making Emergency Landing on Highway – Video

A video has surfaced showing a plane making an emergency landing on a highway.

According to the details accompanying the video, the pilot was forced to land the aircraft on the active highway due to “engine failure.”

The video captures the moment when the plane slowly descends onto the highway, where several cars are visibly travelling in both directions.

Fortunately, the pilot avoids colliding with any of the motor vehicles.

The plane can be seen coming to a halt, and the video concludes shortly after.

Watch the video of the plane below:

After the video was posted on X on Monday, it garnered over 703K views.

One viewer responded to the video, asking, “Can you imagine being in that car he landed beside, moving in the same direction?”

Another viewer wrote, “That’s some ace landing! A round of applause.”

Read more of the comments below:

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