Over 40 Stolen Vehicles Found At Location In St. Mary – Watch Video

Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 3:15 PM GMT-5

A high-level investigation has been launched in St. Mary involving the Criminal Investigation Branch and the Stolen Motor Vehicles Unit who are now looking into the case of 41 vehicles that were found scrapped in a section of the parish.

According to police, the initial investigation began over the weekend by chance when the owner of a stolen car made a report.


The location of the cars was discovered after the report was made and the tracker inside the car led police to a wooded area in the Comma Community. Twenty-eight other motor vehicles were also initially found according to Superintendent Bobbette Morgan Simpson, Head of the St. Mary Police.

A report from the Jamaica Observer noted that the Superintendent said, “It so happens that the owner of the Axio had a tracking device on the vehicle, so he tracked the vehicle and it led to an area called Comma.”

It was also mentioned that a Mark X went missing in the Three Hill area, and when the Axio was tracked, it along with other vehicles, most of which were Axios, were found.

Simpson stated, “If it wasn’t for the tracking device on this vehicle it is highly unlikely that it would have been found, but because of that piece of technology, the vehicle was recovered and in the process, another vehicle that was stolen was recovered. And we stumbled upon what is evidently a very big stolen motor vehicle ring.”

She made an appeal to vehicle owners to make use of these tracking devices because of how helpful they are. Additionally, Simpson said that another thirteen cars were located in Rocky Hill after further probe into the matter.

Watch the video of the scene below:

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