Man Ran Over By Car He Was Trying To Stop From Running Away In Freak Accident – Watch Video

In a shocking incident that unfolded on a hillside, a man’s heroic attempt to stop a runaway car from careening down a slope ended in him having the vehicle all over him. The heart-stoping incident was captured on video and has since gone viral, leaving viewers in disbelief at the man’s action and the devastating outcome.

The video begins innocently, showing a car parked on a steep incline with the hand brakes seemingly not implemented. A man was seen walking for a short time, he then stopped for an apparent smoke, oblivious to the impending disaster that was about to unfold.


Suddenly, he saw that the car was moving, and he sprinted towards the car in a desperate bid to save it from going downhill.

With every ounce of strength, the man attempts to halt the car’s progress by bracing himself against its relentless force. He seemingly grips the front of the car, desperately trying to bring it to a stop. Unfortunately, his valiant efforts prove to be in vain as the sheer momentum of the car propels him forward, causing him to lose his footing.

He was then ran over and dragged by the vehicle, after the car passed over him it crashed into an object putting a stop to it. The video ends as the person who appeared to be the car owner writhes in agony on the ground.

The incident reportedly took place somewhere in Jamaica.

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