“Freaky Friday” Man Goes Down on Mackerel at her 20th Birthday Party

May 31, 2020

Jamaican viral entertainer Mackerel as gone viral once again and this time it’s a more controversial video than the ones she had before.

In response, Mackerel said “him is a big man and me a big woman” while she seemingly had no regret it took place she regrets that it was shared on social media.


Mackerel states that she is qualified to get such treatment while on the other hand, her friend Abby stated that she tried to pull Mackerel away from the man but was unable to do so, she stated that she was also told by Mackerel to video the incident.

“It neva did intentional” Mackerel explains that she was dancing by her self when Munchi started performing his act, “a Munchi put it pan him status” she stated.

It’s alleged that the man named “Munchi” who went down on Mackerel had HIV.

Mackerel earlier wrote on IG tht she had a good time at her birthday party “I enjoyed my birthday it was alot of fun”.


Watch Mackerel and Munchi viral video below.

[videopress 4iCxw0Lo]



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