Fredo Bang Says Jada Kingdom Is Lying About Him Paying USD 35,000 For Sex

Monday, May 2, 2022, 3:06 PM GMT-5

Jada Kingdom and Asian Doll have been in a back and forth squabble for the past week, in which both have been spilling the tea on intimate details of each other’s sex lives.

The most recent reveal by Asian Doll about her ex-best friend is that Jada sold sex to American rapper, Fredo Bang for USD 10,000. This allegation was quickly refuted by the “Banana” artiste, who claimed that she sold it for way more and the amount was actually USD 35,000.

But, shortly after, Fredo Bang stepped into the chat on his Twitter page to address the claims made by Jada Kingdom. In his first post, he tweeted the words “Definitely A Different Fredo” with laughing emojis while tagging Glock Topickz’s media page that posted the article about the sexual exchange.

Fredo followed up in another post and captioned it with the words “35 What⁉️⁉️⁉️😂😂” along with a video of him laughing and saying the words “I swear y’all be lying though”.

This sudden turn of events due to the new information provided by Fredo Bang about the sexual exchange between him and Jada Kingdom now has the media and persons questioning the authencity of the claims.

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