Jada Kingdom Admits Selling Sex For US$35,000

Saturday, April 30, 2022, 9:58 PM GMT-5

Jada Kingdom proudly admitted to accepting cash for sex after Asian Doll came at her saying Jada told her she had sex with rapper Fredo Bang for US$10,000. The Dancehall deejay boldly went on Instagram to set the record straight, saying Asian Doll was telling pure lies because she had sex for US$35,000 which is approximate JM$5,414,766.

Continuing, Jada did not stop there, she said Asian Doll never wanted to be her true friend because all Asian wanted was a “sidekick & a bodyguard”.

Jada added that Asian was the one who switched upon her for clout and got mad that Jada was not bowing to everything she ordered.

Jada also called out Asian Doll for not keeping her threat to come at her Wednesday and added that the rapper secretly hates on absolutely everyone.

Following these posts, Jada also went Live saying Asian Doll was claiming that whoever she told Jada to “fuck” Jada did it. Jada got very upset about the allegation that she was being pimped out by Asian Doll.

Jada Kingdom emphasized that she was constantly warned about Asian but she decided to give her a chance and now Asian screwed her over because she did not want to be one of her “yes man” who did whatever she said.

Check video below

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