Fresh King Talks Surviving 2 Major Car Crashes, Being Stabbed, Friends Tried To Sacrifice Him and New Music

Monday, March 21, 2022, 10:13 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Fresh King sat with The Flix to tell an interesting life story of the many disasters he survived, including how friends of his tried to sacrifice him.

In the podcast released on March 21, Fresh King, born Rohan Clearly, detailed one of the life-threatening incidents of him being thrown inside a cave in 2014.


That memory is a bad one, the artist didn’t wish to speak on it as it was the cruel act of his friends who wanted to sacrifice him. Admitting that the traumatic events of that incident, made him “paranoid” with everyone as he continued on his journey, he also mentioned that the incident kept him alert and that, the guidance of God helped over the years.

Fresh King went on to say that he considered that one day he might be a pastor and he was also told that he could be a motivational speaker, so the singer’s career probably won’t end in the music industry.

In one of the car accidents, one of his tires got busted so he replaced it with a spare tire, and when he continued on the drive the faulty spare tire almost took his life. He recalled the incident being his worst car accident because he was watching the car flipping and skating which caused the sunroof to shatter among other things.

Another incident included his baby mother, who died from a car accident, but he was unconscious during that horror. The loss of his baby mother broke him to the point where his music slowed.

While he said he was too “stubborn” to get the therapy he was advised to seek, he noted that he made it through life by focusing on his goals.

Fresh King also admitted that he got into a lot of street wars and he got stabbed.

When he was asked if he thought his violent music was attracting those horrific experiences, Fresh King answered that his music had nothing to do with it and told The Fix that his lifestyle was the issue, which he was changing.

Although Rohan is also a businessman buying, selling and renting cars, he said this year was the time for music.

Watch Fresh King on The Flix

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