Friday actor “Deebo” Passes away at age 62

December 11, 2020

Lister was experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 a few days before he passed away, confirmed by Cindy Cowan “his manager” she told CNN how the star actor started showings signs of being ill just a week before his death, he got extremely week quickly and was unable to breathe.

Tiny should have been working on a movie set last weekend but had to cancel because of his abrupt medical issues, they also had canceled a Zoom appearance. On the same night, family and friends tried reaching him via phone to get an update on his health situation, however, the calls were not answered.


From the L.A. County Sheriff’s Desk information was released saying that business and friend colleagues grew concerns last Thursday after not hearing from Tiny since the previous night.

He was later found dead in his home when the police did a check of his apartment.

For now, the police think that he died from a natural illness however an autopsy will be requested to conclude on what killed Tiny.

The former rapper, Ice Cube, popular for his starring role in “Friday” gave his words via a social media post on social media, stating that he already misses Tommy “Deebo” Lister and referred to him as most Americans favourite bully but also a well-loved and received tough guy, in closing Ice Cube thanked Deebo for his time and work done and for being a good person at heart.

Law enforcement reported that when they arrived at the actor’s Marina Del Rey apartment having responded to an emergency call Thursday, a few minutes to 3 p.m, they found the unconscious male. Sources highlighted that Tommy was not taken to the hospital, since he was already pronounced dead during the check.

There is no official word as yet for the actual cause of death. Tiny Listed used his bullying skills for a great cause putting the word out to commend families with loved ones who are/were experiencing bullying and otherwise grieving situations and just a few months prior to that, he was imploring children to stay home in the early stages of the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Tommy “Deebo” Lister left us at the age of 62.


Check out his famous scene from the movie “Friday” below.



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