Fully Bad Says He Regrets Sting Brawl, Acusses Foota Hype of Turning Kyodi Against Him – Watch Interview

Friday, December 29, 2023, 1:51 PM

Dancehall artiste Fully Bad has expressed regret for fighting at Sting and has accused Foota Hype of turning Kyodi against him.

After taking part in the fight that brought Sting to a close Wednesday morning, Fully Bad and Honormasity were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Speaking out after his arrest, Fully Bad clarified that his altercation with Honormasity was not planned, as he was only paid to clash with Kyodi.


Fully Bad disclosed to the Jamaica Star that before the clash, he had told Isaiah Laing that Honormasity was not in the same class as him and Kyodi and that he would not clash him.

“Mi work suh hard, yuh know [ … ] Eight years now mi a get fight, and it’s actually my time now, yuh know. Mi nuh wah Laing a send up nuh artiste pan mi weh nuh inna di class, yuh seet,” Fully Bad stated.

Fully Bad also explained that he did not start the fight between him and Honormasity. The Composure deejay said that after he touched Honormasity to stop him from interrupting his performance, the artiste was the first to get violent.

Fully Bad went on to express regret for taking part in the fight, explaining that he did not want his fans to see him like that. According to Fully Bad, he was already upset before his performance due to the police delaying his entrance by searching his entire team.

The deejay shared that after his performance at Sting 2022, he was happy to get added to this year’s clash, though he initially wanted to clash with Demarco. Seemingly dubbing himself the winner of the prematurely ended face-off, the artiste also expressed that he left Sting victorious.

“A nuff him (Kyodi) nuff up ina mi war to enuh a suh come mi, and him end up guh clash a Sting. When yuh too nuff a dat reach yuh. Di wul a him big fahrid mash up a Sting,” Fully Bad stated.

Despite his lyrical feud with Kyodi, Fully Bad expressed no further ill will to the artiste, describing him as his son. However, the artiste accused Footah Hype of turning Kyodi against him despite the pair not having any issues.

Watch the interview below.

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