Honormasity Speaks Out After Sting Brawl, Calls Out Kyodi, Fully Bad, and Shane O

Thursday, December 28, 2023, 4:57 PM

Following his arrest and charge for his brawl at Sting, Honormasity has spoken out, calling out fellow dancehall artistes Fully Bad, Kyodi, and Shane O.

After a seven-year hiatus, Sting was staged in 2022, with multiple clashes scheduled for its grand return. That year, Honormasity was dubbed the winner of his face-off with Mercenary but failed at his attempt to take on both Kyodi and Fully Bad on Wednesday.


After Honormasity’s on-stage altercation with Fully Bad turned into a massive brawl, both artistes were charged with disorderly conduct.


Speaking out for the first time since his arrest, Honormasity expressed that it was well within his rights to confront Fully Bad and Kyodi on stage as he was the reigning clash champion. Citing Ninja Man’s unplanned entrance during Kiprich’s clash with Tony Matterhorn and Merciless, Honormasity explained that he expected Fully Bad to behave the same as Kiprich.

The deejay went on to call out Kyodi, who lashed out at him for interrupting the clash during an interview after the show.

Describing the Asset artiste as ungrateful, Honormasity said Kyodi should be thankful he confronted Fully Bad, as he could not handle the deejay on his own and was losing. After addressing Fully Bad and Kyodi, Honornmasity called out Shane O, who mocked him in a video after his fight at Sting.

The Dark Room deejay had laughed at Honormasity getting beaten up and for mentioning him in a diss track yet not being able to handle a physical altercation.

Addressing Shane O’s video, Honormasity alleged that the artiste is addicted to cocaine and had lost all his credibility in the streets. The entertainer also suggested Shane O is a coward, stating that he is not brave enough to take him on lyrically and call him out on a diss track.

Listen below.

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