Ganja Shortage in Jamaica is a “Cultural Embarrassment”

Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 8:39 AM GMT-5

Chief opportunity explorer at the TACAYA GROUP, Mr. Triston Thompson explains in a TVJ news report that there is currently a shortage of Ganja/weed in Jamaica and the reasons for its scarcity plus what should be done to boost the sector.

Reason for the shortage, there is a local demand for cannabis, more than before, tied with the fact that traditional Ganja farmers are not producing as much as before due to lack of support from the Jamaica government and private sector.


According to Thompson the Jamaican Government can give grants to the local Ganja farmers and help with the growth of the legal Cannabis industry.

He further outlined that other foreign countries are protecting their Ganja sector with rules and resources hence Jamaica should do the same.

One person commented “never thought I’ll live to see the day ganja shortage hits Jamaica.” while another said “Too bad it isn’t a shortage of guns”.

Watch the full news report below for more details.

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