Garbage Truck Crashes into High-end Vehicles in St. James, Lexus Harrier, BMW and Pagero – Watch Video

Monday, October 16, 2023, 8:06 AM

Over the weekend, a four-vehicle accident occurred on the Tucker Main Road, based on the claims of eyewitnesses the ordeal was caused by a garbage truck driver who was driving under the influence of alcohol.



The driver of the garbage truck unit reportedly drove carelessly up a hill, resulting in damages to a Lexus Harrier, BMW, and a Pajero. While no official reports of any injuries have been made, witnesses claim that occupants of one or more of the vehicles were allegedly injured in this incident.

After the accident, onlookers expressed their disapproval of the driver’s reckless action.

Associates of the truck driver responsible for the accident were heard lamenting his irresponsible act of driving under the influence of alcohol. It was evident that the driver was under the influence of alcohol as he was visibly staggering and his speech was slurred.


This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder to everyone not to drink and drive. We must work together to promote responsible driving habits and ensure the safety of all road users.

Watch the video below:


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