Kizzy Don Talks about Being In Car Crash with Mackerel, “I could’ve lost my life” – Watch Video

Social media personality Kizzy Don was involved in a car accident early Wednesday morning with Mackerel. The two social media personalities who bring lots of laughter to their fans through goofy live streams survived a car crash while leaving an event.

Kizzy Don opened up about the incident in a live stream, explaining to fans in tears how the crash unfolded. Although she was wearing a cervical collar and an arm sling, Kizzy assured viewers that she was not severely hurt and said that she believed that she was only suffering from a sprained neck. 

She also informed concerned viewers that Mackerel was okay, aside from her wrecked vehicle.

According to Kizzy’s explanation, the two attended an event in separate vehicles; Mackerel was driven by someone in her car, and Kizzy was also driven by someone. However, Mackerel’s driver was feeling sleepy when it was time to leave, so Kizzy offered to drive Mackerel home.

“I was just trying to be of assistance because the person that was transporting Mackerel said they were sleepy. I wasn’t driving; I was in a car…Somebody took me to the event… But only because I wanted to lend a hand, I could’ve lost my life,” she said.

On their way home, they were involved in an accident because of a truck that was coming around the corner. Kizzy Don said she managed to avoid crashing into a wall by directing the vehicle into the bushes.

She explained that the car had two broken lights, a damaged bumper, and a bent wheel.

“I see the disappointment in Mackerel face about her car,” Kizzy added. “It can be replaced, but you know, I don’t want this thing to come between our friendship…I think that if I wasn’t the one driving, something worse would’ve happened.”

There were questions about whether or not it was a prank, and Kizzy said she was sickened by the comments viewers were leaving. However, this did not stop her from talking some more about the ordeal and her current condition.

Kizzy Don also expressed that she did not have the money to fix the car, which she said was not insured by Mackerel but by a third party.

Watch the video of Kizzy below:

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