Mackerel Exposes DJ Lava

Social media personality Mackerel is exposing her former manager, Lava, with the allegations of the selector being a thief, an exploiter and a “badmind” person. Mackerel shared a video explaining why she and Lava parted ways, a reason that was kept hidden from public knowledge until now.

In the video, Mackerel recapped that she met Lava in 2019 after her first viral video swept social media. The video caught selector Dwayne ‘DJ Lava’ Beswick’s attention which he used to promote an event and that led to Mackerel contacting him regarding the unauthorized promotion.


The pair subsequently began working together with DJ Lava as her manager, but Mackerel noted she was “just a ghetto girl” uneducated about the business of having a manager, hence she knew nothing about signing a contract.

After Mackerel, real name Ladasha Francis, featured in dancehall artiste Kalado’s “Trapwhine” music video, DJ Lava contacted Kalado and arranged for the singer to write a song for Mackerel under his record label Burn Dem Records.

According to Ladasha, she was the only one handling her bookings, including her trip to Canada. The internet sensation stated that her “so-called manager” did nothing apart from managing ads which he collected a percentage from.

She continued saying she has not received a dime for any of the songs she has voiced because DJ Lava claimed the songs were not making any money on the streaming platforms.

“Lava Sound nu give me nuh money off a non a di song dem weh me have, people,” she said. “Lava Sound use me to build hisself, dat is how me feel.”

She explained that her former manager was always instructing her to post his content on her platform, which she discovered was a plan for him to gain his own popularity and fame. She outlined that her former manager, who she has never met in person, was a dictator who never wanted her to have any other managers.

“Memba Lava neva get nu bookings fi me, Lava neva do nothing significant inna my life fi me. Am just saying dis because you know mi feel fucked up and mi did get close to dis person, like look up to dis person as a big bredda,” she continued.

She went on to say that after the viral video of a man going down on her at her 20th birthday party, DJ Lava blocked her without allowing her to explain. She went on to say that she attempted to contact him on Instagram but her message was left unread.

Following the viral video, Gleaner reached out to Ladasha for an interview and her friend Abby contacted Beswick to notify him, however, he stated he did not want to get involved as he had nothing to do with her anymore.

As the video concluded, Mackerel advised the upcoming entertainers in the industry to “be careful” of the people they work with. She highlighted that if Beswick was a good manager, she would be getting royalties for her work, as well as he would have pushed her career by arranging her songs to play on the radio and arranging for her to perform at events.

Watch the video with Mackerel exposing Lava below.

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