Gas Price Down

Friday, June 19, 2020, 1:53 PM GMT-5

A $3.00 decrease is projected for gas. According to Jamaica’s own oil refinery company, Petrojam, E-10 87 will now sell for $111.86 per litre and a litre of E-10 90 for $114.69.

There will be a raise in automotive diesel oil by $0.45 to be sold at $110.42 per litre.

An raise will also take place for Kerosene to $0.25 to selling at $90.07 per litre.

Other decreases will take place for Propane cooking gas which will move down by $1.63 per litre to sell for $48.58 as well as butane projected to move down by $1.58 to selling at $50.86 per litre.

Any further adjustments will be made by retailers.

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