General B Reportedly Ganged and Beaten After Being Pushed off Stage According to Leaked Voicenote – Listen Audio

General B is said to have gotten more than just a push Friday night after hurling expletives at someone in the audience.

Although the cameraman only managed to capture the dancehall artiste being shoved off the stage, a leaked voicenote reported that he was beaten on the ground by multiple people after being pushed.


The voice message detailed that the gang kicked General B many times and beat him, resulting in his face being swollen.


While the cause of the dispute was not clear, there was tension between General B and Harry Toddler at Boom Box Fridays, and the individual in the voice recording called out Harry Toddler for allowing others to gang up on his friend.

“When di man dem deh deh a kick General B, if Toddler did get up and say stop kick di artiste, nuh matter weh we have mi and him will work it out, unuh push him offa di stage already nuh kick him nuh more. But Toddler, wait until di man get beating go outta gate, a dem time deh mi see him come out,” the person said.

The individual explained that some of the men involved were members of Harry Toddler’s crew. Therefore, the speaker contended that Toddler could have stopped the men.

“So much people shouldn’t beat General B. When mi see di man, di man face swell up inno man,” the person stated.

Listen to the voicenote below:


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