Gio “Set The Record Straight” About Scamming Rumours

Saturday, April 30, 2022, 10:16 PM

YouTuber Gio went live to address the scamming rumours that have been circulating about him and his girlfriend.

The rumours, which the couple addressed through Instagram posts earlier in the week were started because persons were said to have filed a report at the police station accusing Gio and Ken of scamming when they accepted payment for promotions which they did not do.


The social media influencers had addressed these allegations, saying persons were actually being scammed by so-called fan pages that were pretending to be their official accounts.

Gio is back again, this time with a Livestream showing US$100 to prove that they did not need to scam anyone because they are making their own money.

During the Livestream Gio told everyone to stop using their names, adding that he wasn’t in need of US$100 because he has given that sum away.

“And all a dem fake page deh, Dawg, unnuh stop tek di people dem tings and mek it look like a we,” he said.

Gio also said the break he and his girlfriend took is to “fix” themselves, but he assured their fans that they would be returning to YouTube soon.

Watch the video below of Gio.

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