Goat Thief Gives Unbelievable Reason For Stealing Goat – Watch Video

Friday, January 26, 2024, 8:14 AM

The issue of goat thieves on the island seems to have seen a spike as of late, with more reports going out about people caught on camera or being arrested for stealing the animals. The latest viral incident took place where a trio was seemingly caught in the act and arrested for their involvement in the crime.

A short video clip of one of the men confessing to the reason why he stole the livestock is currently gaining a lot of attention on social media. He, along with two other men, were sitting in the back of a red van with the goat in question.


They seemed to be outside a police facility and they were being videoed and questioned.

According to the thief in the middle, “mi did wah carry it gah mi yard guh raise it,” when asked if he was proud of stealing the goat.

Watch the full video below:

Read some of the comments on the video below:

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