Govana talks New Album and Building a Barber Shop

Govana’s debut album is out at last. The album, “Humans and Monsters are not the Same,” is what he worked on during the time when he was quiet. People know him for up tempo songs, so he decided to do something different. He worked on the project for 4 years, it has a calm vibe.

He brought attention to the good deeds the young people were doing in Spanish Town.

The Young Gena decided to build a Barber Shop for his friend who was working in a little old shack and he was still smiling and working hard, so he gave him a new shop with more space so he could have another young Barber in the shop as well.

It was a personal favour for a friend, a community project in the Garison. He wants the youth to help each other in the dreaded communities where there is so much crime and poverty.

However, he returned to music and came from nowhere to blaze up the place at Sumfest, after he took the time out and made music that will be a legacy. He came back and everyone was saying where was he all along? The time out can cause artistes to last longer, he believes. He doesn’t want to get burned out and thinks he should always take time off every now and then.

The album has 13 tracks with songs that aimed at changing lives and giving work to young people.

He plans to be performing more as he promotes his album, he plans to be doing more local shows also.

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