Groom Walks Out on Wedding After Discovering Bride-To-Be Has 4 Kids – Watch Video

The wedding day for a couple turned into a disastrous and sad event after the groom found out that his bride-to-be has four children with another man.

A video is circulating on the internet which shows a panic-stricken bride on the ground crying profusely in a white wedding dress. She is seen surrounded by scores of individuals as they seemingly try to console her, however, she remains on her knees in what appears to be an attempt to plead for forgiveness.


Raging with fury close by is the man said to be the groom, who could be heard shouting to guests, “She didn’t told me, she had four kids. She didn’t tell me, she just telling me!” The footage then ended abruptly.

There have not been any confirmed reports to reveal if the two made amends and continued with the wedding.

Watch the video below:

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