Gruesome Killing Of Leona Thomas – Delivery Truck Driver For GraceKennedy Limited

Leona “Kimmy” Thomas, a 30-year-old driver of GraceKennedy Limited was brutally murdered while making deliveries off Windsor Road, St.Catherine in the Windsor Heights area. Thomas’s body was found off of her delivery route on Washington Drive in Windsor Heights on Thursday but it is believed that she was killed the day before.

Her lifeless body had multiple gunshot wounds along with plucked eyeballs and a slashed throat.

Reports from the St. Catherine South Police Division reveal that all goods from the truck Thomas was driving were missing. Additionally, it is surmised that after murdering Thomas, the criminals went to her home and stole a washing machine, chickens, and other items which were subsequently discovered to be missing by her roommate and father.

There is also no report of forced entry to Thomas’s premises, which it is suspected that the criminals stripped Thomas of her house key after murdering her and went by her home to steal her belongings. Her door was reportedly locked after the criminals left and her house key is still missing. Since then, personnel from Guardsman, have accompanied Thomas’s roommate on Friday night to retrieve her stuff at the home, as the area is deemed to not be safe.

Thomas’s 54-year-old sickly father stated that he heard of his daughter’s demise from a family member, who called and asked him in the most heartbreaking way, to confirm the news that his daughter died. Confused and emotional about the question, he responded “Weh yuh mean Kimmy dead?”. This is when he made contact with the police and was taken along with his son to Thomas’s home.

The father also noted that he has high blood pressure and sugar and has had trouble sleeping since his daughter’s unfortunate ordeal.

“Mi cyaan sleep. Every time my eyes shut, it come like a she me a see. Mi a jump up outta mi sleep. A the police dem tell mi. Me and my son, we went down to the station and talk to them” Thomas’s father could be heard saying.

Likewise, Thomas’s younger brother questioned why anyone would want to hurt his sister, as he described her as someone with good character, one who stays far from trouble and is quite cheerful. He also went on to question the promptness of the police in doing their investigation, so that the family will be able to identify the body.


“The police said they are doing an investigation and then we will be able to identify the body. How long does it take for them to do their investigations?” Thomas’s brother asked.

Group Chief Executive Officer of GraceKennedy Limited – Don Wehby, expressed much regret for the brutal murder of Leona Thomas. He advised that the company has its own security personnel doing an investigation on the incident and stated that due to the sensitivity of the case, some issues cannot be discussed. He further added that “All our trucks have panic buttons on them and it is not clear to us at this time whether the panic button was pressed or not, which is a big issue for us.”

Thomas’s father, however, believes that his daughter’s murder had foul play involved and the following comment was made “A some funny play a gwaan. She not even reach har yard and dem kill har and throw har inna bush. It look tricky!”.

The St. Catherine South Central Division has recorded 15 murders and 18 shootings since the start of the year.

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