Guess Which Dancehall Artiste This Is?

This Dancehall artiste is known for her infectious rhymes and is easily spotted by her physique. She has undergone multiple surgeries over the years, which is something she highlighted recently.

During her childhood, this entertainer, who hails from Kingston, was petite. Outgrowing her childish features and acquiring a thick figure with big boobs is one of the most recognisable changes since her youth.

The 40-year-old artiste is known to have bow legs, which never stop her from giving her all on the stage. However, her legs were much more curved when she was younger, leading her to undergo multiple surgeries.

The dancehall entertainer in question is the Spell It Out diva, Tifa. Tifa shared an old photo from a beach trip she went on with her friends, cousins, and uncle when she was around seven years old.

The picture captures her wearing a yellow swimsuit with green shorts as she stands next to a woman and three other children in front of a vehicle. To the far right, a man can be seen smiling.

In the caption of the post, Tifa wrote, “I think I was about 7 here, I already did 2 major surgeries on my legs, got them straight and then they began to grow right back out!”

She continued by expressing that, despite her condition and the surgeries, her childhood was filled with happy memories.

The photo was shared on Instagram on February 28 and received many positive messages. One fan said, “Yuh look good from morning and now night yuh still have it 😍😍.”

Another fan wrote, “Love you as you are, and you have come a long way you’ve conquered growth!! True star you are God has blessed you and he will continue to, you are phenomenal queen 👑🙏🙏🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏.”

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