Guess Which Dancehall Artiste This Is?

This Jamaican dancehall artiste makes it clear that she is a rebel, occasionally sparking controversies that have even landed her on international blogs. She is a mother of one, and her signature symbol is a dragon.

Her musical talent has led to local and international collaborations, including with Kanye West, Tyga, Busta Rhymes, and Megan Thee Stallion. Notably, her powerful vocals even captured Prince Harry’s interest, making him a fan.

In addition to her vocals, she is a fashion enthusiast, often seen in eye-catching outfits that highlight her curves. Her provocative outfits can be seen in the content she shares with her fans, which surpasses 15 million across her various social media accounts.

The entertainer in the photo is Chinsea Lee, born at Mandeville Hospital in the parish of Manchester. Chinsea, professionally known as Shenseea, did not always have the curvaceous figure that she has today.

In photos dating back to 2023, Shenseea models a pink two-piece bikini that flaunts her round butt. One photo shows the 27-year-old striking a pose in front of a bedroom mirror, and two other pictures capture different angles of her body with two separate backgrounds.

However, an old photo featuring her in a white bikini top and denim shorts shows her with a more petite physique. Shenseea’s figure apparently became thicker as she bloomed into a successful adult. Shenseea’s age in the photo remains unclear due to the unknown date of the picture.

Another old photo shows her in the Mona High School uniform, providing another glimpse of her younger years.

One more old picture shows the Dancehall sensation as a child standing next to her mother, who passed away in 2020.

Shenseea and her mother

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