Guns Drawn on Nicki Minaj in Jamaica?

Thursday, August 15, 2019, 9:24 AM GMT-5

Did Nicki Minaj disrespect Jamaica and Jamaicans when she spoke out about how the Jamaican police drew their guns and almost locked her up for using and forgetting to bleep out a few expletives?

Nicki Minaj recently cancelled a performance in Saudi Arabia due to pressure from Human Rights activists. In commented on the matter online and why she chose to cancel the show, Nicki used Jamaica as an example and her previous not so nice experience here.


There are some Jamaicans who believe she should pay attention to the laws of a country and abide by them, so she won’t have any issues.

The Jamaicans also said, “Jamaican entertainers get locked up for using expletives a number of times.” There are some persons who don’t believe her statement about guns and the police.

She later made a post about loving Jamaica and said people are misunderstanding her.

The Entertainer said, “God is love and she is very worried about what fans are telling her about how they feel like committing suicide because women have no rights in some countries”.

Nicki Minaj later expressed her Love for Jamaica by posting the following

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