Health Minister Christopher Tufton Speaks Out About Importation Of Unvalidated Covid-19 Antigen Test Kits

Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 2:10 PM GMT-5

The minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton has spoken out about the situation concerning 100,000 Covid-19 antigen test kits that we’re imported by error from India.

The importation of the particular test kits from India was said to have been imported by error since the lab they were manufactured in was not approved by the World Health Organization and according to section 12 of the Disaster Risk Management Act, Antigen kits must gain approval of (WHO) or the US Food and Drug Administration with an added validation from the National Public Health lab in Jamaica for it to be allowed for usage in the country.


According to Dr Tufton who spoke with Nationwide radio, it was due to a partnership between the Standards department and the National Public Health Lab that some of the antigen kits were given the approval to be used at the Baywest Wellness Hospital, located in St. James.

It was based on this permit dated July 6, that the details of the kits were uncovered showing that they were manufactured in India.

As it relates to the importation error, Dr Tufton stated that the issue has been under correction with the Ministry collecting the remainder of test kits even though thousands have already been used.

The Minister further stated that the supplier was contacted as well as the importer who was advised of the situation which according to Dr Tufton called for them to quarantine the remaining test kits, letting them know that the manufacturer has to be validated by the proper authorities.

A similar company that creates Test Kits have been said by the Minister of Health and Wellness to exist in South Korea however, they have been validated by (WHO). This according to Dr Tufton might have been the cause of confusion since the other organization in India makes the same type of kits.

As it relates to both the Standards department and the National Public Health Lab, Nationwide news said they reached out to them to inquire into the matter however there was no response.

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