Heavily Armed Robbers Caught on Camera In Action in Westmoreland

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 1:32 PM

Several high-powered rifles were on display as multiple armed robbers stormed into a bar in Red Gate, Westmoreland. The dramatic moment was captured on surveillance cameras inside and outside the bar.

In the video that has been shared online, the incident can be seen as it begins around the time when a group of men gathered and sat inside the bar playing a game of cards. A white vehicle then pulled up close to the entrance of the bar. Several armed men then jumped out of the vehicle and quickly ran towards the entrance of the bar.



However, the group of men was alert to what was unfolding and dispersed in several directions in an effort to escape any immediate danger. As the footage continued, it showed the armed men making their way inside the establishment, searching vigorously and collecting any valuables they could place their hands on.

Despite the quick actions of men playing their card games, at least one of them was caught by one of the robbers, who searched him thoroughly before placing his feet on the head of the victim. In the released video, the men who survived the incident were heard giving a rather comical commentary on the events that unfolded, as no one was seriously hurt.

According to one of the men, the armed robbers fired off a barrage of bullets before making their way into the bar. It was not revealed by the survivors what was the full scope of the robbery as the robbers were only spotted removing what seemed to be game boxes, bringing an end to the video.

See the video below:


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