Heavy D talks on Squash and Studious Ent Producer Saga

Thursday, October 22, 2020, 8:04 PM

Several days ago Studious Entertainment took to several social media platforms to expose Heavy D and Squash after a deal went sour between the 3 individuals. According to the young producer he paid $350k Jamaican to Squash’s manager Heavy D for the artiste to voice a song on his riddim, however, 5 months later the song is still not recorded.

The Jamaica Star got in contact with Heavy D to hear his side of the story, according to the veteran manager “People have the wrong concept of everything and a call me all kinda things because it look like me a collect money fi artiste and dem don’t know”.


He went on to explain that Squash saw a person DM him online asking him about work that is to be done, Heavy D explains that Squash did not know of the producer hence his response was “him nuh know nothing ’bout that” which was expected because Squash did not collect the money directly from the Producer.

Squash and Heavy D

Without going into details about what exactly transpires Heavy D outlined that his lawyer is currently handling the matter and he has been in the industry for over 30 years and every artiste he collects money for, he pays them and explains to them what the money is for, “You ask Spice, Etana, Tommy Lee and anybody else mi ever work wid if me ever collect money and nuh gi dem” he stated.

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